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Who needs compression stockings?


  • People who walk or stand for prolonged periods of time during work or in their daily life
  • People sitting still for prolonged periods of time - e.g. on a flight or when  driving long distances
  • Pregnant women experiencing swellings in legs and feet
  • Anyone who is prone to varicose veins can ease the pain with a pair of compression stockings.



The purpose of the compression stocking is to improve the circulation from legs and feet and back to the heart. The pressure of the compression stockings on insteps and calves means that the circulation is improved, and it also helps in reducing swellings in legs and feet.  





When you travel you often sit still for prolonged periods of time which in return makes the legs stiff and inflexible. The support stocking puts pressure on the veins improving the circulation back to the heart.





Hg stands for millimetre of mercury. Originally it was the amount of mercury that made the barometer rise at different pressures. MmHg stand for the amount of pressure provided by the stockings. The higher the mmHg the higher the compression. Our stockings provide mild compression meaning that they provide compression with 15-21 mmHg. We also have support stockings with higher compression (class 2 22-33 mmHg) for those who need more support.




To find the right size in compression stockings you need your ankle and calf circumference. You can also read our size guide. As compression stockings are very stretchable it is important that you put them on as early in the day as possible to ease the pressure in the calf.





Varicose veins are damaged veins. The purpose of the veins is to lead the blood back to the heart. The veins have valves preventing the blood from running in the wrong direction when a movement of the muscles in the legs increases the blood pressure in a vein.



Varicose veins happen when the blood pressure in the vein becomes so high that the vein gives in and expands. People with very elastic connective tissue might form varicose veins with a normal blood pressure in the vein. In most cases the development of varicose veins is a combination of leaking valves, elastic connection tissue and a job where you stand still for prolonged periods of time.



Pregnant women often develops varicose veins as the change in the hormonal balance leads to more elastic connective tissue, and the pressure of the womb of the pregnant woman on the pelvic veins makes the passage of the blood out into the legs difficult. Compression stockings help in putting pressure on the veins leading to an improvement in the blood flow back to the heart.  If you run, buying a pair of compression stocking for running might be a really good idea.

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